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Huntington Hospital

Huntington Hospital is a 636-bed, not-for-profit, community hospital that provides a full compliment of medical services including cardiovascular, neurosciences and cancer care. In addition to its own medical staff, Huntington has affiliations with physicians from USC, UCLA and the City of Hope Medical Center, giving its patients access to the latest innovations in quality medical care. The hospital has the only trauma center, pediatric ICU and acute stroke unit in the San Gabriel Valley. As a teaching hospital, Huntington supports 35 residents each year, specializing in medicine or surgery, and is affiliated with the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine.

Huntington Hospital features advanced imaging services to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders.

A Toshiba Aquilion® CT scanner acquires 64 x 0.5mm slices per rotation, with isotropic resolution that yields highly detailed 3D volume images of anatomy and pathology.  Aquilion includes enhanced features for greater patient comfort, safety and faster exam times, including SURESubtractionTM. This innovative technology reduces CT exam time for patients exhibiting symptoms of neurological disorders by automating and streamlining bone subtraction for faster, more accurate neuro exams.

The patient-friendly Toshiba VantageTM 1.5 Tesla MR system is an ultra-short, ultra-wide bore system with SPEEDER parallel imaging technology. Vantage performs a wide variety of MRI exams including Echo Planar Imaging (EPI) and magnetic resonance angiography (MRA).  Using advanced MRA techniques, our physicians can view images of vascular structures without injecting gadolinium based contrast agents, which enhances patient comfort and safety, reduces cost and allows the scan to be performed repeatedly, if needed.

The single plane and biplane configurations of Toshiba InfinixTM angio systems give physicians comprehensive, tableside dose management capabilities and unprecedented patient access and anatomical coverage. The flat panel digital detectors deliver high-quality, distortion-free images to assist with complex vascular, neuro interventional and general angiographic procedures. Infinix can acquire rotational angiographic images for review on our 3D workstation so physicians can accurately visualize intricate neurovascular structures.

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