Dr. Ian Ross, M.D.


* Cerebrovascular
* Epilepsy
* Spine
* Tumors


X0Dr. Ian B. Ross is a board-certified neurosurgeon practicing in Southern California. His area of interest is minimally invasive neurosurgery. Dr. Ross has trained and lectured in North America, Europe and South America … continuously seeking the best, least invasive treatments for his patients and sharing his experience with other doctors.

“Minimally invasive” surgery can be thought of as surgery through very small incisions. Smaller incisions tend to hurt less and may be associated with more rapid recovery. Not all operations can be performed this way. Dr. Ross makes no promises that there is not someone, somewhere who is able to do a similar operation in a less invasive fashion. He does, however, promise that he will perform every operation to the best of his ability, in the least invasive fashion that he has found to be safe and effective.

Neurosurgery is what neurosurgeons do. Neurosurgery is the surgical treatment of nervous tissue and adjacent structures … including the brain and spinal cord, and the blood vessels, bones and nerves that support their function. “Brain surgery” and “spine surgery” fall under the heading of neurosurgery. The most common problems that neurosurgeons have to deal with include head and spine injuries, spinal arthritis and slipped discs. Other problems include brain hemorrhage (bleeding), blood vessel abnormalities (including aneurysms), brain tumors, stroke and epilepsy. Dr. Ross has extensive experience in dealing with all of these problems.

Dr. Ross has taken advanced training in surgery that is performed with the aid of X-ray machines or MRIs, to help the surgeon navigate his/her way inside the body. Often this is done through a needle, either directly through the skin into the brain or spine or indirectly to the brain or spinal cord via a blood vessel in the groin. Not all operations can be done this way. Sometimes a large, “traditional” incision is necessary.

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